About Effectiveness Consultants

A History of Effectivness Consulting and Organizational Consulting

The original Effectiveness Consultants firm was founded in Sweden in the 1980s by Dr. Richard "Zack" Zackrison. As his son, Eric Zackrison, was working to complete his PhD and begin his own organizational consulting career, it only seemed natural that he pay homage to his father not only in name, but by continuing to grow Effectiveness Consultants' concepts of strengthening relationships through team management training and leadership development.

Our Process

Effectiveness Consultants' team management and management training processes start with a completely free discovery session to find out what your needs are.

Initial Discovery

First we conduct a free discovery session to determine what your needs and whether our organizational consulting offerings can help. If they do, we then propose the right solutions for you.

From management evaluation to conflict resolution activities, Effectiveness Consultants' needs assessment phase determines what od consulting processes you'll benefit from most.

Needs Assessment

Next, we meet with your leadership team to learn more about your organization. Then we conduct interviews, report our findings, and begin our thorough organization assessment process.

Finally, Effectiveness Consultants' action plan implements the team management activities or strategic planning models that will transform your organization permanently.

Action Plan

After your assessment is complete, we facilitate the consulting your organization may require, from team management activities to strategic planning models that build a plan for the future.

What We Measure

Click any of the segments of the circle to see the organizational consulting categories we measure.

External Environment

What are the key external drivers of the organization? Who are its competitors? How aware is the organization of any concerns or threats? What action items need to be established?

Mission and Values

Is there a clear guiding principle or principles? Are there specific values the organization wishes to portray? Are they enacted throughout the organization? What action items need to be established?


Is there a clear organizational strategy for short- and long-term goals? Are there clear plans for how to move forward? What action items need to be established?


Who provides direction? What is the house leadership style? Does it match the desired culture? Are there informal leaders? What action items need to be established?


What is the house culture like? Are there differences across departments and teams? How do people interrelate? What action items need to be established?


What is the house management style? How do managers utilize resources? What is the structure? What action items need to be established?


What systems are in place to accommodate talent acquisition, training, sales, etc.? How well are those systems working? What action items need to be established?

Team Dynamics

How well are teams utilized? How effective are the teams? How are team dynamics developed and managed? What action items need to be established?

Individual Tasks

Does everyone know what they need to do to complete their work? Are they a good match? Do employees feel satisfied and valued? Is there a concerning turnover rate? What action items need to be established?


Are people interacting with each other and the organization in positive, healthy ways? Are there effective conflict resolution strategies in place?


Are all the components aligned toward a common goal? Does everyone agree with the goal? What barriers are there? What action items need to be established?

Overarching Organizational Success

Are the goals of the organization being met? In what ways could they be improved?

Our team management consulting will transform your organization.

Are you ready to take your team and organization to new heights with Effectiveness Consultants' tried-and-true consulting processes? Get in touch with us today.

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