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Effectiveness Consultants offers the perfect solutions for institutions suffering from internal dysfunction, profit loss, lack of clear goals, and a variety of other common issues that can keep businesses from healthy growth. Whether your organization is in need of one-on-one business coaching, all-hands-on-deck teamwork workshops, or management training that inspires your key leaders to forge stronger bonds, Effectiveness Consultants is ready for your call.

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Effectiveness Consultants's business coaching tactics include team assessments that analyze interpersonal behaviors.


Our assessments allow us to paint a clearer picture of the opportunities and threats that exist for your organization. Based on the needs identified by your leadership, we can make our recommendations for improvement on an individual, relationship, team, or organizational level.

Effectiveness Consultants utilizes the IDI assessment tool as a management training resource.

The IDI Assessment

IDI is an intuitive tool that analyzes the interpersonal traits of your team members. The resulting data allows individuals to better understand each other's inherent interpersonal traits, their personal management styles, and opportunities for growth from the bottom level to the top.

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From management training to teamwork workshops, Effectiveness Consultants can help your organization grow a strong team.

Individual Training

From business coaching to insightful management training, our individual service offerings look to better your leadership, streamline key processes, and carve a path to reach goals we help you identify. Our individual training services can also include skill building and personalized training courses.

Effectiveness Consultants's management training strategies include teamwork workshops that grow relationships.

Relationship Training

Our business coaching services and teamwork workshops capitalize on the single biggest building block of successful organizations: strong relationships. From our first meeting, we identify the most effective course of action and guide every individual’s interpersonal habits to work for your team, not against it.

Effectiveness Consultants' expert business coaching has helped organizations of all sizes and industries achieve strong teams.

Coaching Teams

Effective, driven teams are at the heart of nearly every successful organization. With that truth in mind, we work with teams of all sizes to build their natural strengths, improve coordination, and bolster their intertwining relationships. Workshops, retreats, and team-based skill building are all part of our coaching.

Adopting strategic planning models that lead to streamlined goals is a business achievement Effectiveness Consultants can help you with.

Streamlining Goals

One of the most effective strategic decisions an organization can make is to establish a mission, purpose, and culture that its team can rally behind. Identifying these aspects and instilling the passion needed to keep them relevant are well within Effectiveness Consultants’ wheelhouse.

Effective strategic planning models and teamwork workshops can lead to transformative process improvements.

Process Improvement

If your organization lacks the momentum it needs to grow, ineffective processes may be to blame. If your organization is growing quickly, it’s important to consider whether your existing processes will nurture that growth long-term. Effectiveness Consultants’ strategic planning models establish practical processes for any scenario.

Effectiveness Consultants knows team management training is crucial to organizational success.

Internal Development

Effective management training and employee development are the the keys to healthy teams that are capable of clear communication and maximum productivity. Effectiveness Consultants offers customized courses and training packages based on your organization’s industry, size, and more.

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As an interactive design and development shop, our team at Mostly Serious is reliant on one another for everything that leaves our door. We invited Eric to spend a day with us and host an IDI workshop to help us better understand our individual behaviors and how they help us—or hinder us!—in our unique workplace. It was a fantastic day of team-building exercises, and the insights produced were more valuable to us than we could have imagined. We learned so much about ourselves and about each other, and that has fostered a stronger, more communicative sense of camaraderie in the days and weeks following our IDI workshop day. We appreciate Eric's obvious expertise and the insights he provided. We can’t possibly recommend his services more highly.

— Jarad Johnson, President of Mostly Serious