Effectiveness Consultants Leadership Development: Skills Series: Six Skills, Six Weeks to More Effective Management


May 1, 2017, 3:30 p.m.

Week One: Know You, Know Your Team

You will leave this session with a better idea of who you are, of who your team is, and some skills to adapt your behavioral style to the situation and to the people with which you interact in ways that make you more effective and more satisfied.

Week Two: Giving Effective Feedback

This week we will examine why we sometimes have a hard time giving effective feedback and some ways that we can increase the effectiveness of our feedback in way that increases commitment from others. You will leave this session having worked through a specific feedback scenario and be ready to put it into practice.

Week Three: Delegation for Success

For this week we recognize that there are a variety of reasons that we need to delegate, not least of which is our own sanity. You will leave this week with an understanding of when and how to delegate and a plan for delegating at least one task that will free you up to concentrate on something vital to you.

Week Four: Building a Supportive Climate

For our teams to reach their full potential we need them to feel supported. A supportive climate leads to reduced turn-over, more open communication, and increased motivation. This week we will focus on being an effective listener as well as a supportive communicator and you will leave having practiced these skills and with some clear guidelines for continued improvement.

Week Five: Dealing with Difficult People

No matter how well we do the things we have learned in the other weeks we are likely to occasionally be faced with difficult people. These can be employees, co-workers, or clients. Regardless of why or who, the skills learned today will help you turn these situations around and you will leave with an action plan for dealing with a specific issue.

Week Six: Participant's Choice

This week we leave open to meet the needs specific to the course participants. We will discuss as a group in week four or five what you would like covered. Possible topics include, getting control of your time, effective meetings, managing the dual role of supervisor (manager and employee), what is leadership, negotiation, differences in the workplace (generational, ethnic, cultural, gender, etc). or others.