Event Recap: Effectiveness Consultants Launches IDI.US, a Management Evaluation Tool

Posted: Sept. 26, 2017, 3:10 p.m.

This past August, Effectiveness Consultants held its official launch party for its Interpersonal Dynamic Inventory (IDI) tool, which measures interpersonal behavior and how that behavior is perceived by others. The multi-dimensional tool is perfect for management training events, team building workshops, and as a conflict resolution activity for organizations of all kinds.

In collaboration with the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce and Santa Barbara Entrepreneur, the event was exceptionally well-received and attended by area association's members as well as representatives of local educational and government institutions, non-profits, and corporations.

The event took place on a beautiful, sunny evening at the rooftop venue of Antioch University in downtown Santa Barbara.

Local food and beverage sponsors also helped make the event a success. Catering was provided by Chef Katie Belanger with The Honey B Kitchen; wine was provided by Drew Cuddy and crew with Satellite Wine Bar; beer was provided by Kris Parker and crew with Third Window Brewing Co.; and juice was provided by Joya Major with Pressed Juicery

Other highlights of the event included live music, a gift card raffle, and complimentary wine bottles. Dr. Zackrison delivered a brief presentation about the IDI tool and Santa Barbara-based company CIO Solutions won an IDI.US team building workshop package.

Event Photos

More About the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory

The Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI) is a multi-rater behavioral assessment tool that brings multiple perceptions together to measure aspects of behavior rather than intent. IDI's results teach us how our behavior impacts others, improve our ability to work with and influence others, and help us understand what motivates our own and others' interpersonal behavior.

Perfect for activities like corporate team building, IDI's results help us expand our capability to achieve new leadership techniques and communicate better with those around us, both inside the workplace and out.

To learn more about the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory and how Effectiveness Consultants' team of expert business coaches uses it to facilitate organizational growth, call (805) 770 2659 or visit this page.